Elsie Nilima Solomon

Our mother was a calm and loving force in our life. She was the first to lend a hand when someone needed help. She had been actively involved in everything we did. She found joy in every moment. Her positive spirit reminds us that “this too shall pass” whenever we felt low. She was caring and protective. She was strong, adventurous and brave. Through sports, she set an example of how love can triumph over ignorance and hate. Our mom passed on these values of acceptance and love for all human beings to all of us. Everyday countless friends over the years said over &over how much they loved her, for she made them feel warm , at ease and took care of whenever they were in her company. She was one of the most empathetic person. We would like to thank GOD for giving her in our life. Nothing can repay the love care and protection she had given us. We shall always cherish the sweet memories with her .Thanks for inspiring